Product Description

Vinyl Mastic Tape

Vinyl Mastic Tape, scotch VM tape, polyvinyl chloride

Model: VYMT


Vinyl mastic tape is a rubber based insulating mastic laminated to a flexible, with an all-weather 0.18mm PVC backing. It seals out moisture and protects against corrosion without the need for heating tools. It is designed for moisture sealing of electrical connections up to 600 volts.


It can be used for cable sheath repair, splice case and load coil case protection, auxiliary sleeve and cable reel end sealing, drop wire insulating, conduit repair and protection of CATV components.

Technical Data 

Physical properties
Property Typical value Test method
Backing Polyvinyl chloride
Color Black
Thickness (mm) 0.8
Tensile strength (23℃, MPa) 0.8 GB/T 528-1998
Elongation (23℃, % at break) 200 GB/T 528-1998
Adhesion to steel (23℃, KN/m) 1.5 GB/T 2790-1995
Electrical properties
Property Typical value Test method
Insulation resistance 1×1014 GB/T 1692-1992

Ordering information

Vinyl mastic tape is available in the following roll sizes:0.8mm×38mm×6m

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